Why have America’s Journalists made marijuana a cause celebre?

If the press had done it’s job after California passed the first medical marijuana law in 1996, no other state would have passed a similar law or legalized pot. This is a serious indictment. Many reporters are using their positions to manipulate the American public. And they are doing it because they believe in marijuana more strongly than in any other political principle or their own journalistic ethics. Marijuana is nothing more than another addictive drug, so why is this happening?. Addictive drugs corrupt, more certainly than money or power. And marijuana is very insidious; it gives the impression of being harmless, but if affects people far more than they realize.

As for pro-marijuana journalists who rarely or never use marijuana and how they can be so affected: if you have ever talked to the wife of an alcoholic whose thinking has been totally taken over by the disease even though she never touches a drink then you will understand how this can happen even to people who never smoke pot. Addictive attitudes infect societies. For years we laughed at alcoholics, and thought they were funny but harmless. That’s how alcoholics wanted to be seen. Then MADD came along and educated the American public to the devastation alcoholism causes. We are making the same mistake with marijuana, letting pot-smokers define our entire relationship to the drug and its users. It is time for the news media to drop the pro-marijuana stance and start telling both sides of the story, and while they’re at it, take a good sober look at what they’ve been doing for the past 17 years.

Read Op-Ed about media bias on marijuana in Arizona Capitol Times, 5-24-13

About Edward Gogek

I've been practicing psychiatry for 25 years, doing general work with adults, children and adolescents. My subspecialties are addiction psychiatry, classical homeopathy and nutritional medicine.
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