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I've been practicing psychiatry for 25 years, doing general work with adults, children and adolescents. My subspecialties are addiction psychiatry, classical homeopathy and nutritional medicine.

Why marijuana legalization is far from inevitable.

This was written by Carolyn Short, chairperson of Keep AZ Drug Free. The drumbeat for legalization is loud, but the way the marijuana lobby and, unfortunately, the press is going about it could be their undoing. Support for marijuana is … Continue reading

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Why have America’s Journalists made marijuana a cause celebre? If the press had done it’s job after California passed the first medical marijuana law in 1996, no other state would have passed a similar law or legalized pot. This is … Continue reading

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Punishment and treatment must be combined

Good article in today’s Washington Post about a drug-addicted prostitute who couldn’t stay clean, and died on the streets. We can help these people, but first we have to tell liberals and conservatives they’re both wrong. Liberals say addiction is a … Continue reading

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Crunching the numbers; why I say almost all medical marijuana patients are faking it.

I’ve been asked a few times to explain why I say almost every one of the marijuana cardholders in Arizona is probably a substance abuser faking their illness just to get the pot. Pain patients are about 55 percent female … Continue reading

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Why Democrats should steer clear of the marijuana lobby

Many Democrats have become closely allied with the pro-marijuana movement. In Colorado, where voters approved a constitutional amendment legalizing pot, the Democratic Party had already put support for legalization in their platform. In Montana, where Republicans tried to overturn the … Continue reading

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Medical Marijuana Should Never Be Smoked; the medical profession should work to keep smoking marijuana illegal.

Arizona physicians, health care providers & concerned citizens: Please contact Arizona Department of Health Services (DHS) by January 7, 2011 to give feedback on the proposed regulations for medical marijuana.  Once there, click on the Electronic Comment Form. This post … Continue reading

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Reasons Medical Marijuana is bad for Arizona

Here are Seven Reasons to oppose medical marijuana… 1) Most of the marijuana will go to drug abusers; less than 3 percent will go to the seriously ill. 2) Prop 203 will increase teenage marijuana use, and it will hurt … Continue reading

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98% of the pot will go to drug abusers; only 2% to people with serious illness

Proposition 203 is basically dishonest. The ballot says it’s for “terminally or seriously ill patients,” but in other states that passed similar laws, anyone can get pot, and hardly any goes to the seriously ill. In Montana 3 percent of … Continue reading

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More teenagers smoke pot in states with medical marijuana laws

2) Proposition 203 will hit teenagers the hardest. States with medical marijuana laws have far higher rates of teenage marijuana use, and teens who smoke pot regularly do worse in school and in life. Research shows that teenagers who smoke … Continue reading

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Prop 203 will increase the number of fatal car crashes

3) If Prop 203 passes, there will be more DUIs and more fatal auto accidents. The research on stoned driving and the reports from states with medical marijuana laws make it clear, when it comes to driving, marijuana poses all … Continue reading

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