Ed Gogek, M.D.

After graduating from medical school in 1983, I did my residency in psychiatry in Portland, Maine and London, Ontario, Canada. My interest in addiction work started in residency, and in 1986 I attended the 3-week Rutgers Summer School of Alcohol Studies. The National Health Service Corps paid for my medical education, and in return they sent me to Prescott, AZ, which at the time was a psychiatric shortage area.

     I was never satisfied with psychiatric medications. They help a lot of people, but they also leave a lot of problems untouched. So I became interested in homeopathy, which works remarkably well for a lot of psychiatric problems, and in 1995 I enrolled in the 4 year Hahnemann College of Homeopathy. It was a part-time program that met 4 days of every month. However, even with that training, I found that I helped very few people with homeopathy, and eventually I stopped practicing it altogether. Then in 2004, Rajan Sankaran and the Mumbai homeopaths introduced a new method of interviewing patients that really worked to find the right remedy. With this new technique, I began seeing homeopathic patients get better every week. It really changed my ability to help people. See the Individual Cases for more info on this.

In 2001 I began studying with Dr Lawrence Wilson, author of Nutritional Balancing and Hair Mineral Analysis. I first used it for myself, but then began treating my patients with nutritional plans. For people who are willing to stick to a healing plan, it works. But it takes effort and commitment.