Ed Gogek, Prescott physician for over twenty years

Ed Gogek grew up in Decatur, Illinois, a small city in the middle of the state, and is very much the product of public schools. He went to the University of Illinois both for undergraduate and medical school. He also trained in psychiatry at a public university in Canada. So he believes in public schools and wants them to be excellent and affordable to everyone – exactly as they were for him. 

His special interest in residency was working with alcoholics and drug addicts, and that’s been part of his work ever since. In 1991, he came to Arizona as a National Health Service Corps scholarship physician back when Prescott was considered a physician-shortage area. Since then, Dr. Gogek has worked in Prescott and Phoenix, with jobs in homeless clinics, jails, prisons, mental health centers and several substance abuse treatment programs. 

In the 1990s, Ed and his journalist brother wrote a column on addiction as a political issue. It went out on the New America News Service, a branch of the New York TimesSyndicate. Their opinions were printed in over a dozen major newspapers including the Arizona Republic.