Compare The Candidates


Each legislative district has two state representatives.  Jan Manolis  and I are running for the two seats. We are the two Democratic candidates. Our opponents are the incumbents, David Stringer and Noel Campbell. Here are several important issues on which I disagree with the direction in which my opponents are taking Arizona.



I signed the INVESTinED pledge to support the traditional public schools that 85% of Arizona’s children attend. 

I will work to restore school funding to 2008 levels.  

I support a 20% raise for Arizona teachers paid for by closing tax loopholes given to out of state corporations. Governor Ducey offered teachers 0.4% per year, and then 1%. After teachers marched on Phoenix, he reluctantly offered 20%,  but with no funding source and no long-term plan to pay for it. Many news outlets say Ducey’s plan is a campaign gimmick to get him re-elected; it will not translate into a real raise for teachers. 

I oppose so called "school choice" vouchers that drain money from public schools.  

I pledge no new tax cuts until our schools’ per-student funding reaches the national average. 

I would require charter schools to operate under same rules as traditional schools so we can stop charter school owners from pocketing millions of our tax dollars.

I support high quality public schools for all Arizona children, free community college and affordable state universities so students can graduate debt-free.  


I support incentives for voluntary conservation to protect our limited water supply.


I believe that women deserve fairness and equity in all aspects of society and I support passage of the Equal Rights Amendment.  

I support women's right to control their own bodies and reproductive choices.

I will fight to assure for workplaces free from harassment, and I stand with any victim who makes a report.

I believe all Arizonans are first-class citizens.  

I welcome diversity in our workplaces, in our communities and in our schools -- diversity makes us stronger.  


I am running as a Clean Elections candidate. I am taking no money from PACs, corporations or any special interest.



My opponents, David Stringer and Noel Campbell, did not. 

My opponents have repeatedly voted to cut funding for our schools.

My opponents will only support the Ducey plan. 

My opponents voted to expand vouchers with the money taken directly from our public schools and given to people who send their children to private schools.

Stringer and Campbell have cut taxes on the well-to-do while letting our school budget fall to 48th in the nation.

The incumbents have supported special treatment for charter schools including lack of transparency and oversight, and the right of owners to make exorbitant no-bid contracts with themselves and to pocket the money when they sell property purchased with our tax dollars. 

Stringer took $37,000 from a dark money group  that wants to privatize our public schools, which would mean only children of the well-off would get a good education. 


 David Stringer opposes conservation which he calls a “drastic solution,” and instead says we should rely on wide-scale desalinization which would increase our water bills ten-fold.


My opponents oppose passage of the ERA.

My opponents have consistently voted to restrict women's access to reproductive services.

Stringer and Campbell were the only representatives to side with Don Shooter who was expelled from the State House for harassing female colleagues.

Stringer said there aren't "enough white kids in our schools".  Even Governor Ducey and the state GOP chair called on Stringer to resign after his remarks, but Noel Campbell defended Stringer! 

My opponent David Stringer said immigration is a threat to Arizona, and that the melting pot only works for northern European whites. 


My opponents are running with traditional funding. Their campaigns are funded by corporations and special interests, and those special interests expect favors in return. 



For two decades, I have advocated for criminal justice reform. All criminals with a substance abuse problem should receive treatment and we should eliminate mandatory sentencing that ties the hands of judges. 

However, as a doctor who has treated drug addicts for 30 years, I support strong laws for possession of heroin and crystal meth because those laws get people into treatment and save lives. 

On this issue, Stringer and I agree. 

Stringer wants to weaken our opioid laws while we’re in the middle of an opioid epidemic. He doesn’t understand that letting addicts continue to use is often a death sentence.